Flow Meter Nitto Seiko Type RSZ8, BO Size 3 inch (80mm)


General Specifications

Measured liquid: Cold and hot water, Petroleum,Chemical liquids, Food liquids, etc.
Size: 25A, 40A, 50A, 80A, 100A
Liquid viscosity: 0.5~500mPa·s(0.2~30,000mPa·s)
Liquid temp.: Normal temp. ~80°C(-20~200 °C)
Liquid pressure: 1.0MPa or less(2.0MPa or less)
Accuracy: Within ±0.5%
Material:FC200/CAC406, FC200/FC200, FC200/SCS14, SCS14/SCS14

DOWNLOAD KATALOG KAMI : Spesification Nitto Seiko.pdf

Hubungi :

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Jual Flow Meter Nitto Seiko Type RSZ8, BO Size 3 inch (80mm), The positive displacement flow meter has many advan tages such as versatility in its application field, high accuracy in measurement with wide-ranged flow rate etc. and is now used widely in every industry. In the range of positive displacement flow meters, the rotary flow meter has a particularly simple structure, and ceramic is used as standard material for the bearings which come in contact with liquid. Besides, a special plastic excellent in resistance to chemicals, wear, heat and impact is employed for the rotor. A large-size legible register is used in the direct totalizer. This rotary flow meter is an easy-to-use durable liquid flow eter.
Kind of Pulse Generator
Unit pulse generator : Pulse generator for DA: conversion This pulse generator is to be connected with a totalizer, printer, preset counter, etc. This generator, when combined with DA converter, can be connected with an indicator, recorder, controller, etc. for analogue signal, and with a totalizer, printer, preset counter, etc. for unit pulse signal.
●Flameproof enclosure type
(ExdIIBT4)is available.
●As for the connection with the instrument,refer to the
  “System 1”on page 16.


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