Flow Meter Liquid Control (LC)Meter With Counter Type M-80

Flow Meter Solar LC type M-80 Analog

Capacity: 800 GPM(3000 L/min)
OVERLOAD OPERATION: Capable of momentary overload operation at 125% of maximum
rated capacity in either direction without damage to mechanism(applies to class 2 meters
only, on jet fuel only).125% overload operation(1,000 GPM) requires 6" ANSI 6"
victaulic connections only.
case made of aluminum with meter element components of various materials
as required for classes 2 construction for refined petroleum products
including aviation fuels.
standard with 6" Victaulic(Right Angle Inlet to Outlet ourientation). Optional choice of 4" and
6" ANSI FF flanged connection flanges with NPT or BSPT threads or aluminum or steel welding
flanges, 4" or 6" ANSI RF, aluminum, forged flanged connection optional.

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1. Katalog Keterangan Product LC.pdf

2. LC Brochure Spesifikasi Liquid Control.pdf

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