Jual pH Meter Lutron BPH-231

Bench type, RS232/USB, Data logger
Model : BPH-231
* Professional bench type meter with large LCD display with green color backlight, easy reading.
* pH and mV (ORP). pH : 0 to 14.00 pH, ORP : 1999 mV.
* pH measurement can select ATC or manual Temp. adjustment.
* High input impedance.
* Auto calibration for pH 7, pH 4 and pH 10 or other value.
* Real time data logger (record year, month, date, hour, minute, second), 16,000 data logger.
* Wide sampling time adjustment.
* Auto data logger, manual data logger.
* RS232/USB computer interface.
* Data hold, Record (Max., Min.).
* It can defult auto power off or manual power off.
* DC 1.5V (UM-3, AA) x 8 PCs or DC 9V adapter in.